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Memories to Make, Experiences to Have, Land2Share

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Forest Path

Tyson created Land2Share with the hope of it being a landline for people who are seeking the kind of magic and connection to the earth that he has felt his whole life. By helping reconnect the modern person with the forgotten pleasure of the outdoors, Land2Share aims to consequently bring prosperity back to the once thriving rural and rustic communities and small businesses. Our goal is for this platform to illuminate the simple joys of stepping out of the house, away from your phone, and off the beaten path in an accessible, affordable, and entertaining way. 


Memories to make, experiences to have, Land2Share.

Have you ever wanted to just get away from the noise and chaos of the hectic busy world?  To drop the zoom meetings, disconnect from social media and turn off your computer and disconnect from it all?  Land2Share is your answer.  Land2Share has a simple goal: to be the bridge that connects land owners to land seekers.


Whether you are seeking solitude, wanting to reconnect with nature or your thoughts, to experience a true country farming lifestyle or to become a part of nature instead of a spectator of it, Land2Share is here for you.


Our founder, Tyson Hall, was lucky to have grown up in the city on weekdays and in the country on weekends and the summer months.  He saw the benefits of both lifestyles, but his time in the country gave him the connection to nature that the city could not. 


Being back in the city gave appreciation for the abundance and ease of access to everything but being in the country brought appreciation and respect for what nature had created, the simplicity of a slower paced lifestyle, the benefits of conversation and the true feeling of community with neighbors helping neighbors.

Land2Share is a platform that connects land owners with land seekers.  It provides the opportunity for those in the city to enjoy the country lifestyle.  Land owners benefit with a financial gain for underutilized lands while land seekers get the enjoyment of private use without the ownership costs or shared access with the public. All parties benefit from the opportunity to build lasting friendships, conversations and memories.  


Our Company Headquarters

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